From Seattle, Washington The Two Tides is a folk duo formed by singer / songwriters Maddy Smith & Sarah O’Dea. They bring strong lyrics to life with their rich harmonies and emotive melodies, blending contemporary folk, jazz and soft rock. 

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The Two Tides - Force to be Reckoned With

Released July 17th, 2018
Guitar, vocals, and composition by Maddy Smith 
Guitar, vocals by Sarah O'Dea

Bass by Andrew Lihidus 
Drums by Max Burton

Recorded at Hazy Bay Studios, Seattle Washington 
Engineered and Mixed by Aaron Spieldenner

© 2018 The Two Tides. All rights reserved.


In early 2018 singer / songwriters Maddy Smith and Sarah O'Dea formed a duo.

Maddy Smith was raised in Washington state on classical and folk music. Cello was her first instrument. When she picked up the guitar eight years ago, it was meant to be. Becoming an avid songwriter she has composed 200 + originals to date, inspired by folk and jazz artists such as Brandi Carlile, Joni Mitchell and Etta James. Maddy was named Best Folk artist of 2016 by Bellingham, WA's Whats Up! Magazine. 

Sarah O'Dea grew up playing piano, trumpet, guitar and studied classical voice for 4 years. She began writing songs at the age of 15 and is shaped by many genres (rock, folk, Motown), she has developed her own form of Americana-folk in her music. Both a musician and a traveler, she has performed in U.S cities such as Chicago (IL), Hilton Head Island (SC) and Carrboro (NC), and European cities such as Prague (CZ), Dublin, London and Brighton (UK).

Since meeting, they have taken to the Seattle music scene under their duo name The Two Tides, sharing their sound of layered harmonies that highlight their composing abilities and musical strength.